Don’t Let Anxiety Keep You from Traveling


Traveling abroad is a life-changing experience that enables you to learn more about yourself and the world around you. If you suffer from anxiety and panic attacks, don’t let your anxiety get in the way of your wanderlust. Here are some ways you can manage your anxiety while traveling so you can have an amazing trip.

Remind yourself why you want to travel

If the thought of traveling is starting to overwhelm you, so much that you want to cancel your trip, remind yourself why you wanted to travel in the first place. Envision yourself exploring the destination and having a great time touring the sites and attractions, anxiety-free.  Think about all the exciting things you’ll do and see when you’re there, and tell yourself you can’t pass up this opportunity. Repeating these positive affirmations will help you relax and understand that you will have a wonderful time on your trip.

Know what triggers your anxiety

While anxiety symptoms can arise unexpectedly, many sufferers have specific things that can trigger or worsen their anxiety. Notice what makes you feel anxious and avoid those things, if possible. Alcohol and caffeine are common triggers. Being alone with your thoughts may also make you anxious. If waiting around the airport and sitting on the plane will heighten your symptoms, bring along things that will keep you distracted and entertained. Also visualize yourself having a once in a lifetime adventure, and practice these calming rituals…

Practice relaxation techniques

When you feel anxious, try a calming ritual to calm yourself down and prevent your anxiety from escalating into panic. Deep breathing exercises, muscle relaxation, and meditation are effective relaxation techniques. Develop and practice these techniques before your trip so that you become well-acquainted with them.  Stuart MacFarlane, a well-known psychotherapist, recommends talking to mental health specialist about the best practices for easing anxiety prior to your trip.


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